April 15th, 2014

hbOn April 7, 2014,
A team of security researchers announced the discovery of a critical vulnerability dubbed “The Heartbleed Bug”,found in OpenSSL, a widely-used open source cryptographic software library. This weakness allows contents of the server memory to be exposed, including items such as certificate private keys. OpenSSL is often used with applications and web servers like Apache and Nginx, and in broader contexts like operating systems, toolkits, etc. On April 7, it became known that a bug in the implementation of the OpenSSL heartbeat functionality could expose sensitive data from the server’s memory – this may include the private key of the SSL certificate on the web server (not just the session key), among other sensitive data. The vulnerability has gained widespread attention in the media. A few of the large media outlets covering the story include TechCrunch, Cnet, Fox News and USA Today.
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April 3rd, 2014

It seems that technology has taken over nearly every part of our lives. It’s in our homes, cars, offices, and even bathrooms. Wearable tech and the “Internet of things” may mean smart thermostats can turn Nest into a multi-billion-dollar company that no one had heard of before and perhaps pave the way for Google House, but in terms of hardware (hardwear?) the Moto360 is one of the first pieces of wearable tech that is designed and intended for integration into our every move. It has the promise of controlling an entire universe of other network-attached gadgets. While the “Internet of Things” is most certainly here, will this (and other similar devices) be our gateway to this other world of interconnectedness?
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March 11th, 2014

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February 8th, 2014

A modern-day Wild West can be found in the slapdash enterprise use of cloud-based file storage and sharing. But new security technologies puts user-managed security atop those platforms without burdening the IT department with lots of administrative overhead.
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January 8th, 2014

Apple iPad’s new contender; the Samsung NotePRO 12.2 was announced during #CES2014.  Samsung also announced a wide array of new products, including curved television sets, cameras, tablets, and more. With its eyes set firmly on Apple, the company revealed four new Android-based tablets that up the ante to the nth degree.
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